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Forest Wildlife

#4. Big Stag on Rock - SOLD

This is a big stag on a rock ledge over a small stream with two other small deer in the background. The best part of this one is that the blue in the sky is really dark and shiny. The corners are a little bit frayed on this one, but overall it's probably the most impressive looking one I have. No tag.

#5. Deer in Snow, facing right - $20 (SOLD or MISSING)

Lots of deer eating from a little shed in the snow on the right side of the scene. This one isn't in quite as good of shape. The white is a little dull (though it may just need washing) and the upper corners are ripping. Tag: "MADE IN ITALY, W.L.P. 13379, 42% rayon, 37% waste cotton, 21% cotton"

#6. Deer in Snow, facing left - SOLD

This scene is the exact mirror image of the one pictured above, but the colors are much brighter and more varied. Tag: "MADE IN ITALY, W.L.P. 13379, 42% rayon, 37% waste cotton, 21% cotton. Copyright P. & C., Distributed by R. T. Co. - N.Y."

#7. Big Horn Sheep on Mountain - SOLD

Big horn ram and sheep on mountain top in the winter. This one is the one whose tag is different from all of the other tags I've seen. Instead of "Made in Italy" and the rayon/cotton percentages, it says: "Manatex - Imported by K.S. Abdul Majeed & Co., 245 beach road - Singapore 7. Made in Morocco" And it has some telephone numbers on it. This is another one with blue stringy fringe.

#8. Deer Below Village - $25 MISSING or SOLD

Three more deer by another stream. But there is a small village in the mountains in the background, which is about the only unique feature. Tag: "MADE IN ITALY, W.L.P. 13379, Composition by weight: Rayon 34%, Cotton 61%, Miscellaneous textile by product of undetermined fiber content 5%"

#9. Elk in the Snow - SOLD

About 6 elk, one big one with big horns, on a snowy plain. No tag.

#10. Horses at Pond 1 - $25 (MISSING or SOLD)

Three brown horses and one white one (and a couple more in background) hanging out in a field. The autumn colors of the sky and trees and flowers are very nice. No tag.

#11. Horses at Pond 2 - $30

This has a much more close up view of the horses, some of which are drinking at a pond. The wild flowers at the bottom have a very deep red wine color. This is another where the horizontal bands of color are pretty clear when you look at them in the border. No tag.

#12. More Deer - $25

The nice thing about this one is the bright orange, yellow, and blue. Has a mostly intact tag that says: MADE IN BELGIUM; 42% RAYON, 37% WASTE COTTON, 21% COTTON, ...uted by M.I.C. Den

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